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Napoleon held the communication pen with familiarity sitting at the Tea House Grill’s Bar. The place was decorated in deep red textured walls and carpeting. Italian cuisine made him hungry. Had 15 years truly gone by when Napoleon literally ran into him!? Little detail would he share about this newest threat fearing Illya could claim unavailability. Ideally this habitual haunt would trigger compelling reminders of Thrush dropping in looking for trouble. With effort he looked away from troubled focus with purpose in mind. Just as Illya entered disoriented by sunlight changing into darkness. Napoleon was first to smile!

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I always come to The Canteen intending to write my own “Just Wondering (too!)" and get distracted by a better existing query. This is a complicated question. Because there are two parts to it.

Part 1. A lot of leeway was given to the character of Napoleon Solo. He was described for the series (with talents, attributes, skills) obviously for his job in UNCLE. But his private life was left mysteriously to the fans’ imaginations. In Heitland’s book (among other sources) Mr. Vaughn repeats frequently that he used what was familiar to him personally in order to establish Solo’s persona. And given his autobiography (A Fortunate Life) reveals RV being a natural born ladies’ man. Certainly by the many beautiful women he quotes in his book (and lifestyle of the times).

Part 2. So then the question becomes what formed Mr. Vaughn’s intrinsic values and mindset to begin with. It would seem (again from the autobiography) that he had a deep respect for (and friendship with) his mother. It can be safely assumed she was a guiding light in his life. Yet, as a healthy, available and well situated male, with opportunities provided particularly through the entertainment industry, he wasn’t shy either. In terms of revealing his lasting relationship and then devoted friendship with Joyce Jameson, who was much more than simply a “Blonde Bombshell.” Which suggests his appreciation for intelligence and articulate communication. Ms. Jameson was a UCLA graduate and versed in social topics of the day. He also married once and remained so for his lifetime.

If he truly put a bit of himself into the personal side of Solo then it’s fair to assume he was attracted to beauty and brains. And was prepared to reciprocate with commitment. And he had the upbringing to offer respect (even a sense of chivalry and loyalty) to the opposite sex. As portrayed for the MFU series, Hollywood is of course going to glam up that aspect to make the entertainment more enticing to fans! But for those fan fiction writers out there it’s always an opportunity to put more depth into how they portray the Solo character. As well as his quest for deeper meaning in life.

My question can (now) be launched off of this opening.

Given how the MFU Universe has been exponentially expanded by hundreds of MFU fan fiction writers, how many of them are (or were) interested in delving into stories about a more solid and fundamental relationship between NS and IK getting started during the years after the TV-Movie (15 Years Later Affair) reunited them? Taking a cue from the fact that those characters (aptly updated through the thoughtful effort of original fan and producer, Michael Sloan) who used the experiences they themselves admitted to having accumulated during those 15 years “after” UNCLE.

To me that would be a fascinating world to revisit and explore with a lot of solid material to be developed. More substantial than slash for it’s own sake. But helping to mature their relationship, not in a sentimental or maudlin manner (those of regrets or hindsight) but the process of discovering truth in aging along with the rest of us First Cousins.

What is it that they finally found most significant in their lives?? And how did it play out realistically speaking?

IK was obviously disillusioned by the superficial (sometimes crazy) people in his world of fashion. And NS’s statement that the computer business never generated lasting human relationships.


~ Just Wondering (too)!

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It's been suggested for this question to be asked under The Canteen collection!

Just curious wants to know which of you have met Robert Vaughn or David McCallum in person? And what were the circumstances? If this question has been discussed before (in Live Journal) I'd welcome a link to the archive!

Thank you for participating! Looking forward to the conversation!

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